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March 27th, 2017

Local Line to Watch :: Crowe

Reach celeb status with jewelry from local designer for A-list celebs, Lauren Bott.


3903 Magazine St.
New Orleans
When celebs are asked "Who are you wearing?," wouldn't you love to be able to say you're wearing the same label? And better yet, say that the designer is a born and bred local? 
Look to jewelry designer Lauren Bott and her brand new boutique on Magazine Street, Crowe. A costume designer for film and TV, she taught herself the techniques to be able to create pieces for characters she was building. Her pieces have been featured on hit shows like Scream Queens (hello, Emma Roberts), feature films like Focus (ahem, Margot Robbie) and on a magazine cover for Sandra Bullock. Look for the pretty pink front doors to her store that open to unveil retro-inpsired floral wallpaper, then try not to squeal at the selection. We're obsessed with her mohawk studs, are planning to stack up her delicate green gold rings on every finger and can't wait to slip on the star spangle bangle
Your wrists are now on the VIP list.

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