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November 16th, 2012

Cocktails With The Novogratz From HGTV

We sat down with HGTV stars Robert and Cortney Novogratz, who share a Manhattan compound with their seven children, to find out what inspires their untouchably-cool design aesthetic.  

You both grew up in the South. How did your time there shape how you design today?
Bob: Cortney and I both have a love of the South... the big homes and the old neighborhoods. In America, in general, we're getting so homogenized in all our designs. I think the South has a really unique [architecture]. 

On your show, you decorate the house of your personal friend Suzanne Vega and stop into Cynthia Rowley's apartment for design tips. Fave celebrity house you've ever visited?
Cortney: Julia Roberts'. She wrote the foreword for the book.

You two make stunning children - if we were 15, we'd have a crush on your oldest son Wolfgang. Is he taken?
Bob (laughing): It's weird, he's so focused on basketball that he doesn't really have time. The girls definitely like him. I think he's a little bit intimidating. You know, one of those quiet guys. 

Biggest design no-no?
Bob: Oversized furniture and things that are matchy-matchy.

Must-have dish while you're touring the South for your new book?
Bob: Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese!

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