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July 4th, 2017

About Last Night

Say sorry for the party in style with apologetic notecards from Alexa Pulitzer.

Considering the last picture from the fireworks festivities was of you running around with a huge bottle of rosé in one hand and a fistful of sparkers in the other - and the memory of it is blurry at best - you may have a few texts to send out this morning.

In anticipation of your next party moment, stock up on behavior notecards from Alexa Pulitzer. The most sophisticated way to brush off the shame, each notecard showcases the sentiment, "I apologize for my behavior last night." Sold in stacks of 10, who could hold a grudge when one of these darlings shows up on a desktop or is slipped into a purse after you've picked up the check for lunch?

You'll be the Emily Post of hangovers. 

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