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January 26th, 2017

Geaux Green

Sip to your health at Juice Nola at St. Roch Market.


Juice Nola at St. Roch Market
2381 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans

You're so jacked for the Jazz Fest lineup to drop tomorrow you can barely concentrate at work.

Keep yourself healthfully motivated while celebrating National Green Juice Day today at Juice Nola at St. Roch Market. The super fresh cold-pressed juices at the little neighborhood spot are loaded with up to 5x the amount of nutrients and vitamins than your at-home juicer can pound out. Beets, ginger, cayenne, citrus - the whole gang of good-for-you ingredients are on the menu. Talk to the heart-healthy crew behind the counter about your cleanse and detox options. And if you need to chew, the bowls, rolls and toast selection is yours for the ordering.

The ideal fuel for all that cube speculation. 

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