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June 6th, 2017

Let the Anti-Aging Begin

Turn back time with Orgaid organic facial masks.

In an attempt to give your bathroom spa vibes, you recently tossed all of your mascara stained bath towels and splurged on a Turkish cotton set that cost you an arm and a leg.

Complete the at-home pamper scene and stash away a few bucks with a divine at-home facial using organic facial sheets from Orgaid. Carried locally at Polite Society, each treatment is made of top shelf high-quality botanical ingredients that make you feel like you're feeding your skin with all kinds of healthy goodness. Options like the Vitamin C Revitalizing and Anti-Aging Moisturizing masks, with add-ins like green tea, rosehip and lavender extracts, provide deliciously focused results. Even the gorgeous packaging is made of eco-friendly materials. 

Just try and mask your excitement.

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