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March 20th, 2017

The Laps of Luxury

Move into a historic department store - and call the best rooftop pool in town your own.


1201 Canal Condominiums
1201 Canal Street
New Orleans
You've been known to hang around the swimsuit section of a boutique to see if you can make friends with a person with access to a pool.
Now that spring is officially here, the thought of a sweltering summer isn't far behind. Outsmart the heat by making your new digs - or convincing a friend to move into - 1201 Canal Condominiums. Located on upper Canal Street, the sparkling new luxury condos located in the fully renovated historic Krauss department store have all the bells, whistles and hardwood floors you want in a home. This is where the city's stylish set lives. In addition to one of the city's best rooftop pools and spas for you to soak up the sun and beat the heat, live-in perks include a primetime spot on the parade route, 24-hour valet parking and security, and a sleek fitness center.
Won't it be refreshing to be the one making a splash?

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