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July 1st, 2013

Your Sol Sister

We've got the A to Zinke in what's hot for a patriotic pool party.

You and your sister’s taped rendition of Step By Step makes a debut every Christmas, and it’s the only reason your family still owns a VHS player.

Turn to sisters with a creation that’s almost as special, via swim line Zinke. The dreamchild of siblings Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke, the collection boasts pastels, peplum and peek-a-boo amongst their ladylike swimsuits, dresses and cover-ups. The duo started the uber-buzzy brand with a line of lingerie that has since transformed to a snatch-it-before-it’s-gone, coveted line of summer staples - ensuring these ladies aren’t the new kids on the block anymore.  

Some competition for your sister act.

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