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November 23rd, 2011

Tidbits Terminology: The Urban Girl's Dictionary

Your guide to linguistics in 2012, including miu miu: a designer cat's purr.

Missoni-phobia: the avoidance of wearing full-price designer stripes for fear people will mistake them for the Target line

miu miu: a designer cat's purr

north_america/united_states/houston:new" target="_blank">The state's first Miu Miu boutique opens in the Galleria today.

Zoe-pack: prescribing a friend a warning for the unhealthy over-use of terms like "I die," "shut it down" and "whole other level"

Facehooker: A female who posts an inordinate amount of bikini shots on her profile. Even in December.

BILF: Beverly Hills Housewife I'd Like To Fight _(see also, Taylor Armstrong)_

sensitivity chip: guilt-free, gluten-free, taste-free snack

whors d'oeuvre: women in tight dresses who would attend the opening of an envelope for a free drink

Blotox: inability to perform a breathalyzer due to recent anti-aging treatment

burching _also, burchin'_: effortless accessorizing while on vacation in a tropical climate (often by making use of bright tunics and the color orange)
_"Work is so hard lately. I can't wait til Christmas break when I'm burchin' it with a frozen drink in my hand."_

Read our one-on-one holiday interview with Tory Burch.

Thorn-birds: Girls who sign up to be on The Bachelor.

insect-aside: the consumption of a glass of wine even after a bug has flown inside

Siri-ous: The status of your boyfriend's relationship with his faceless, app-based flirting partner. (How many times must he ask her, "Who's your Daddy?)

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