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April 14th, 2014

Snail Mail with Style

Local Meghan McCrary gives average greeting cards the boot.


You'd sooner be belated than send a card that plays a stupid song when opened or includes a sappy Taylor Swift-esque sentiment.

Forego the hokey Hallmark moment for super cute handmade notes from Meghan McCrary. This Tennessee native knows southern charm and isn't afraid to use it in her honest and fun-loving works of art from the heart. In addition to Mother's Day perfect lines like "I get my sass and intelligence from my mama", you'll also find adorable tanks, calendars, magnets and more all made by hand in this creative gal's Knoxville digs. Stock up on her darling toddler and baby wear, as the hot pink ice cream onesie is sure to make you gift giver of the year. 

She's got our stamp of approval. 

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