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March 25th, 2015

The New Gen and Ben

The husband and wife duo behind Pencil & Paper can help make your design dreams a reality.

You've been dreaming of redoing your living room, but so far all you've got are some tear sheets shoved in your top desk drawer. 

Make your interior dreams a reality with design experts Pencil & Paper Creative Development Co. Cutie Nashville locals Gen and Ben Sohr, the husband and wife duo behind the famed interior design company, will team up with you to create the home makeover you've had in your mind's eye. Don't have time to play a big role in your redo? Opt for their Design To Go services: pick a room, fill out a survey, send some pics and you'll get back a perfect packet with a storyboard, floorplan and shopping list to get you looking good while never getting off the couch. 

Leaving you time to shred your stack of magazine spreads. 

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