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April 11th, 2013

There's Handmade, Then There's ModMade

Your expensive online shopping habit resulted in you swearing off the web and buying a sewing machine so you could DIY. But the only thing you made yourself was a ball full of crazy.

Leave it to the expert artisans featured on new Texas-based e-shop, ModMade Goods. All treasures are handcrafted in the USA, many in Texas, and priced to please. Click to the pretty lifestyle emporium for home goods, stationery, accessories and jewelry that will help you break your slump without breaking the bank. The owners of the pocket-friendly shop aim to donate a portion of every order to charities close to their hearts.

Another bonus, because everyone knows you reap what you sew. 


Take 20% off the entire site with discount code TIDBITS through April! (Clutches start at $52 and most fit an iPad.)

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