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December 30th, 2013

Meet The Author of The Happiness Project


Whether it's asking for smiley face latte art or cutting the tag out of your jeans so you can't remember the size, most of us will take happiness any way we can get it.

Meet Gretchen Rubin, the NYC-based author of beloved book The Happiness Project. In anticipation of her book tour for the new Happier At Home, we caught up with the inspiring wordsmith to find out her resolutions and how to give your home an instant mood lift.

One of the best tips in your new book is kiss in the morning, kiss at night. What are your fave tips?
I love the resolution to give warm greetings and farewells. That simple resolution has changed the atmosphere of my home so much. And it really didn’t take any nagging or reminders on my part—my family picked it up very easily. Also, I love the resolution to “cultivate good smells.” I get such extraordinary pleasure from the sense of smell, and I’d just never noticed it before. Perfume, scented candles, everyday scents like grapefruit... vanilla or clean towels… it’s such a quick, easy way to get an instant lift in mood.

Harken back to the time when you were single with no kids. In what ways could you have benefitted from this book? 
I wish I’d spent much more time thinking about how to “Be Gretchen” when I was younger. I don’t regret any of the major choices I made, but I do wish I made them more mindfully. Also, I think I missed opportunities, because I didn’t have a good sense of what my true interests were.

When writing, what three elements do you need?
My beloved laptop; coffee or diet soda; something to say (this is the key ingredient for all writing).

When you first heard that you were a New York Times bestselling author, who was the first person you called? 
I knew my husband was in a meeting, so I called my parents first. Boy, that was exciting.

Headshot: Elena Seibert  

Meet Gretchen in person during her book signing at BookPeople NEXT Monday, January 13, at 7 p.m.

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