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April 22nd, 2015

Clay: Shop Pop-Up Closes May 2

Hey Rooster General Store hosts another pop-up.


Hey Rooster General Store
1106 Gallatin Ave

You've been known to pray to the porcelain gods after one too many vodka sodas. 

Trade drinks for trinkets at the latest pop-up shop at Hey Rooster General Store, Clay:Shop. The store that's always stocked with the best of the best in handmade wares is bringing its third pop-up shop to Nashville. With the success of Wood:Shop and Fiber:Shop, cutie store owner Courtney Webb is now hosting a event that celebrates clay made pieces like sweet mugs and darling dishes. They'll have a heap of original pottery and ceramics for sale, as well as goods from 50 clay makers from around the U.S. The temporary shop is open until May 2. 

Far better than a rug burn on your knees. 


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