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June 27th, 2013

All Growed Up

Lather to love.

Monogrammed towels. Matching plates. Chairs that aren't referred to as bean bags. All telltale signs that you are maturing, yet nothing screams, "Look, Ma; I'm an adult!" more than decorative soap in the bathroom.

Local line Music City Suds not only pays homage to its Nashville roots, but is made from natural ingredients like organically grown produce, essential oils and vegetarian-friendly ingredients. Throw in some EVOO infusions for good measure and you'll have a soap that's good enough to eat--please refrain--along with the adorable repurposed sheet music packaging that's perfect for the gift giver in you. Creative scents like "Brew Scootin Boogy" and "Olive This Bar" guarantees that these are not your grandma's soaps.

As for the monogrammed towels, you're not fooling anyone. Five bucks says you'll see mascara stains on the back of them.

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