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February 7th, 2013

Three's Company

Come and knock on this door.

At your last birthday soiree, you thought your head might explode from the sheer excitement of having all your besties together under one roof.

Brace yourself (and your noggin) for a similarly momentous commingling between the cream of the crop in the Twin Cities. The three respective forces behind Victory 44, Rustica, and Dogwood just opened Parka, a coffee shop-eatery-brewery mashup showcasing the strengths of each member of the powerhouse trifecta. The decor, locally sourced, feels rightfully balanced between mod, cozy and industrial. Hang out while sipping on a cup o’ joe and munching on a cinnamon bun, then linger through lunch to grab a brewski and devour midday menu items like the Ham & Pickle Tots doused with cream cheese 'whiz.'

It's not your party, but you can cry if you want to because this place is just that good.

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