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May 8th, 2013

Win Free Gluten Free Snacks For A Year

Create your own commandments.

You pray in the veggie aisle and worship at the altar of fruits. Your religion is nutrition.
Give thanks to Hail Merry, the raw, vegan and gluten-free line of snacks from UT alum Susan O'Brien (pictured). The health-crazed beauty has created a collection of guiltless goodies with ingredients as good in taste as they are for your waist. From fan faves like grawnola, Persian lime miracle tarts and vanilla maple almonds to the brand new strawberry and caramel sea salt macaroons, you'll praise the healthy, truly delicious regimen that makes getting svelte simple. Heads up, buttercups: one lucky Tidbits reader will win FREE Hail Merry snacks for a full year - click here to keep calm and snack on.
It's raining zen. Hallelujah.

Hail Merry GrawnolaWhy does rocker Steven Tyler look lean in his leather pants? He's hooked on Hail Merry! Enter to win FREE Hail Merry snacks for a year—sinfully delicious, but healthy vegan and gluten-free treats—and get a $3.99 coupon as a thanks.  

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