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July 25th, 2013

Pop It Like It's Hot

Corn-fed at its finest.

You go to the theater all the time, but never with the intent to watch a movie. Nothing beats a giant tub of popcorn perfectly bathed in butter and salt.

Opt for an easier kernel acquisition strategy with Angie’s Popcorn, created by Minnesota natives Angie and Dan Bastian. Made with non-GMO ingredients, all nine flavor varieties make you feel way less guilty when you realize you’ve eaten your way through an entire bag in record time. This stuff caters to all audiences, whether you're a salty (White Cheddar), sweet (Dark Chocolate Sea Salt) or both (Salted Caramel). Fun fact: when a few bags made their way into the hands of the Vikings football squad, it became the official kettle corn of the team.

Next feat: go to a bar without grabbing a drink.

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