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June 18th, 2012

One Twizzler Away From a Breakup

Romance vicariously through the new artwork featured in André Salvadore’s Cinema Series.

Movie dates early in your relationship mean you get all the red Starbursts and a thrill at the thought of a hand-brush over buttery popcorn.

Movie dates late in your relationship mean glancing over to see him with cave-man kernels all over his t-shirt, and trying to swipe a Dot before he devours the box.

Romance vicariously through the artwork in André Salvadore’s Cinema Series. Each painting from the local Italian-born artist conjures up swoony vintage picture show scenes, when An Affair to Remember set the standard for romance rather than Twilight. Clever clowns, dark and handsome strangers and “just before the kiss” moments are frames worth your fixation. When he’s not painting, the talent practices the art of beauty at the St. Paul salon he runs alongside his sis and daughters, Andre Franca Studio.

Your man might not meet you on top of the Empire State Building at midnight, but maybe he’ll be inspired to give you the elbow rest.

Andre Salvatore at online gallery De Pitera

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