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May 14th, 2013

Life Of Pie

Give a piece a chance.


Pig Ate My Pizza
4154 W Broadway Avenue

From the basket of chips you devoured at your last queso cocktail hour to the Goldfish crumbs you found in your computer keyboard, it's true: you're a carb addict.

Lucky you, there's a new carb-a-licious hotspot in town by way of Pig Ate My Pizza, newly opened in Robbinsdale. The location of this saucey respite might seem all too familiar (yep, the former Travail space), but the breezy interior has been outfitted with fresh touches of pink, along with porcine figurines throughout. Order the brioche deep dish, go bold with homemade-charcuterie topped pies or delight your intolerant friends with gluten-free options. Whatever the choice, this pizza is soon to be your new slice of life.

There's just no carbing your enthusiasm.

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