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October 11th, 2012

Independent Spirits

Minneapolis' oldest surviving theater is reinvented.


Landmark's Uptown Theatre
2906 Hennepin Ave

You stocked your closet with parkas, capes and faux furs. But now you’re scared to face the cold and your Fridays consist of watching Dateline in an ensemble fit for the red carpet. 

Put your winter wardrobe to work and head to the newly renovated Uptown Theatre for a cozy movie night with plush seats and even plusher drinks. The new upstairs lounge drink menu features local brews including Fulton Lonely Blonde and new cocktails like the Uptown Gin Rickey and Vanilla Coke, with Kahlua in the starring role. Upgrades to the screen and sound lend new appreciation for Emma Watson-style indie films. 

Because you'll never be a wallflower in these clothes, but it’s nice to know there are perks. 

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