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October 28th, 2011

A Girl Walks Into a Barre

You'll see all-over results from the toning classes at The Barre.


The Barre
539 E. Lake St.

The only thing that's changed about your Fashion-Hunters-and-sweats-by-6-pm routine this month is the introduction of candy corn.

Pause for a class at The Barre, which opens Monday. Two sisters-in-law have launched the Wayzata studio, a second-floor loft with brick walls, chandeliers, inspiring in-class tunes from Gaga and a lounge area for sipping a complimentary hot cup of white blueberry and cinnamon spice from tea farmers in Sri Lanka. Wear socks but leave the tutu at home for a sesh on the cork floors--the totally-toning class is a blend of yoga, pilates and strength training using a mat, ball, weights, bands and ballet barre.

Think how much better you'll feel when you're hiding from trick-or-treaters in front of an episode of Buried Alive, hoarding Hershey.

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