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March 13th, 2011

Barre Hopping

Incorporating the ballet barre for intense toning work, Sigh Yoga's new classes are like a hammer to hard to reach (but easy to jiggle) body parts.

Do you frantically scream, "Just a second!" if your plus-one is about to catch you coming out of the shower in the bright of day?

Tone up the places on your bod that are keeping you from baring all at Sigh Yoga's
heated barre + core fusion class. Incorporating the ballet barre, Spri-tubes and matwork for intense toning work, each class at the sunny South Minneapolis studio is like a hammer to hard to reach (but easy to jiggle) areas. Bring a mat - students get lean muscle, sans bulk, all to the beat of some make-ya-wanna-walk-naked-through-your-living-room music. Cool down at their cool boutique stocked with locally-made yoga gear.

Buh bye big bulky towel. Hello naked as a jaybird air-dry.

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