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January 31st, 2013

Up Against a Wall

Back yourself into a well-decorated corner.

Growing up, your bedroom décor consisted of boy band posters and tickets from the concerts you begged your parents to take you to. Luckily the adult version of you has opted for the West Elm home accessory line instead.

Add another piece to your updated aesthetic with a coveted Loppet Cross-Country Ski Festival poster, designed each year by Duffy and Partners’ NIOTB (newest intern on the block). Starting from a sketch and seeing the process all the way through to finishing by numbering and signing each unique piece, Jesse Lindhorst chose to tackle every 2013 version by hand. Each color requires 6+ hours of work (4 hues total – you do the math), ensuring each of these limited-edition keepsakes will forever remind you how in-sync you were with this year’s event.

If only the weekend forecast predicted 98°.

The Loppet Cross-Courntry Ski Festival kicks off tomorrow, February 2 - 3.

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