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January 25th, 2017

Plays Well With Others

Moms have a new resource for finding kids' activities with iQuriousKids.com.

Keen wardrobe adviser. Advanced vegetable hider. Master of bedtime negotiations. 
All just a few of your resume highlights. 
As an expert logistical coordinator, you'll be thrilled to discover new biz iQuriousKids.com (currently in Houston, coming soon to Austin and DFW), the one-stop shop when looking for after-school activities and camps. What started as a project by a few parents has grown into a comprehensive search tool that lets you browse through over 4,200 activities - dance, soccer and tennis are all there, yes, but you'll also find off-the-beaten-path classes like harmonica, French and magic lessons. Narrow your search down by age, specific neighborhood or suburb and general areas of interest to come up with the perfect match for your little Einsteins.  
Now you can add time management strategist to your repertoire. 

Know of a class that's not on the iQurious list? They're keen to hear from you at contactus@iquriouskids.com.

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