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October 17th, 2012

Playing Footsie

Inspired by her own daughter's individuality, Austin mom Tina Hambly created her own line of 'tween footwear.

With every outgrown Mary Jane, she steps closer and closer to her own ideas about style and fashion while you toe the line between supportive parent and appalled control freak. 

Enter the Gweenie from recently debuted Austin line, Valentina. Each pair can be decorated with colored sharpies giving her the freedom to express herself - all you have to do is provide the blank canvas. But don't miss the rest of the collection: playful ballet flats, rocking boots and a twist on the classic espadrille.

Because one giant leap into 'tween-kind can't be made without the proper footwear. 

Stock up for Fall. Enjoy 20% off all fall footwear with promo code KIDBITS at checkout.

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