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February 23rd, 2011

Organizing Powers, Activate!

Be a real hero with help from the locally created Personal Acesssories Kit (PAK) system.

You navigate the gym-to-carpool transition faster than a speeding bullet, leap to a splinter-in-the foot in a single bound, and consider extra stuff to lug around the equivalent of kryptonite.

Be a real hero with help from the locally created PAK system. The ultimate urban survival kit contains an amazing _30_ quick fixes for fashion and beauty emergencies. From fashion tape to deodorant wipes, hairspray to nail clippers, and everything in between, the PAK squeezes it all in to an ultra-compact and lightweight kit the size of your hand. PLUS, all items are reusable or refillable at the PAK e-store or with your favorite products from home.

Changing from diaper bag to clutch mid-day?

More power to you.


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