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March 30th, 2017

Swipe Right For Rex

Babyname is the new Tinder for picking a name for your little one.

He had an ex-girlfriend named Penelope. He hates the name Cash. His mom's trainer is named Finn, so no.
Hashing out the perfect name for your baby is becoming one long series of eye rolls.
Meet Babyname. This new Tinder-style app allows you and your baby daddy to create a short list of potential monikers simply by swiping right on the names you love and left on the ones you don’t. Here’s how it works: download the free app (available for iOS and Android) on both of your phones. You’ll get a prompt to connect the devices via text message (“Hi, let’s find a baby name together”) and can start swiping from there. Did both of you swipe right on Lucy? You’ll get a notification that you have a match and the name will be added to a shared pink and blue short list that you can debate later on. Any name either of you doesn’t like is out of the running for good. With more than 30,000 names ranging from Abby to Zaddie, the app is sure to help you narrow all the way to your top choice. 
So you can pick a name, not a fight.

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