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July 30th, 2014

How To Cheat At Moving

Streamline changing your address with Updater.

The recorder. That wheels-on-the-bus toy. Kids Bop 2014!
Some things you're thrilled to "lose" in the move. 

Keep track of what's important with Updater, a new website for managing changes of address. Instead of alerting a million different people about your move, this system streamlines the process by notifying everyone for you. Just enter your old address, new address and moving date and you'll not only be guided on who to inform - the U.S. Postal Service, your mag subscriptions, the kids’ schools, the electric company, etc. - but the site does the dirty work of filing your changes for you. The handy moving checklist makes sure you remember those places you like to not think about - like the IRS and the DMV. 

While the basic service is free, for $10 you can also get yourself unsubscribed from three years’ worth of junk mail, which is great for filtering out the stuff you just don't need.

Making it much less likely that you'll lose your marbles. 

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