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March 7th, 2012

Color Inside the Lines

Local artist Stephanie Jimenez uses your fave photos to create a custom illustration of your brood.

The camera is never ready when your little angel is at his best: earnestly coloring at the kitchen table with such concentration that he's biting his lower lip. By the time you grab your phone, he's traded Crayons for his sister's ponytail, setting off screams.

Capture the moment at its best with local artist Stephanie Jimenez. Using your fave photos, she'll draw your brood for sweet notecards, or for a piece of artwork to hang at home when you really need reminding of what that precious toothless grin looks like. With the 5x7 custom illustration, you'll get the digital file so you can produce your own invitations, holiday cards or even a Facebook profile picture.

Because sometimes after a day of toddler squabbling, you need a picture that doesn't say a thousand words.

Take 60% off:

1 } $65 for a set of 20 custom stationery notecards with envelopes.

2 } $85 for a 5x7 custom portrait and digital file of the drawing.

Good through next March 2013. Additional charges apply for more than four family members or pets.

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