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February 26th, 2014

Cocktails With Mom Crush :: Ariane Goldman of HATCH

When HATCH broke onto the fashion scene, women everywhere began to rethink maternity wear. What motivated you to create this revolutionary line?  
When I was pregnant with my daughter Charlie, I would scour the internet at all hours of the night looking for pieces that made me feel chic and beautiful despite my changing body. There was NOTHING. I knew that if I couldn't find anything then other women were probably having the same troubles so I decided to fill the void myself and create pieces women can invest in for their pregnancy and beyond.

What are three things that every pregnant women should invest in in terms of clothing?
Definitely a good pair of leggings. I think a great buttondown, and of course all things cashmere are also musts!

Do you have a favorite piece from the line that you wear regularly now (post pregnancy)?  
I wear HATCH every day. I design the pieces for me, not pregnant, as the aesthetic is about easy, drapey pieces that have lovely design features but glide on the body. I wear all of the dresses and tops, literally. And I LIVE in the pants.

We can't wait to see what spring holds for HATCH. Any pieces you're most excited about? 
Spring is so romantic and dreamy. The color tones are pale, soft petal colors and I'm particularly obsessed with the pink. Spring hits the site on March 4th and I'm just so excited. It's the most refined and feminine collection yet. 

What does your typical weekend uniform as a mom look like?
Cashmere sweatpants and a cashmere boyfriend sweater, OR overalls and a henley underneath.  We usually go to our beach house on weekends and I love when my husband puts his hand on my knee in the car and comments on how I'm head to toe in cashmere.

Does your daughter inspire you creatively? Do you feel like being a mom has changed the way you look at fashion? 
Yes! There is so much going on, so I have so little time to get myself in order as a mom. That's why I can throw on a HATCH dress, put on a little blush and be done with it. It's all about easy, one-stop dressing and comfort.

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