Job Openings

1. Part-Time Social Media Manager & Social Media Intern
Tidbits is hiring new members of the editorial team who will manage local content on Instagram and/or Twitter in Dallas and San Antonio.

Job skills:
1. Proficiency in Twitter and/or Instagram (hashtagging, finding and following local businesses, retweeting, regularly engaging with followers, managing giveaways).
2. Familiarity with locally-owned businesses, influencers and local events.
3. Keeping the Tidbits brand in mind, can create and select imagery that is audience-appropriate and engaging.
4. Can work autonomously in a virtual environment and meet metrics for number of daily posts.
5. Enthusiastically takes ownership of new initiatives. Contributes ideas to help grow subscribership and improve content quality.
6. Meticulous attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar. 

Qualified applicants should send their personal Twitter or Instagram handle, along with a resume and cover letter, to
2. Event Manager
Opening: Austin
Tidbits is hiring part-time events specialists to staff and attend Tidbits events and private events on an as-needed basis. Excellent communication and project management skills are required. Qualified applicants should send a resume and cover letter to
3. Summer Intern / Fall Intern
Openings: Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans/Baton Rouge and San Antonio.