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January 11th, 2010

Those Hips Don't Lie

Five fun workouts, in time for the new year.

You used that freeze as a reason to skip everything. The weather's not quite as frightening this week, but your thighs? Here, five workouts you won't be making excuses to skip.

Perfect your Carrie strut with the new hoola hooping classes at free target="_blank">Studio NiaMoves.

You always say you wish you weren't too old to wear a tutu, so try out beginner ballet classes at The Houston Met Dance Center and learn the basics for $12 a session.

On the baby track? Check out the pre- and post-natal classes at FIT. Our fave instructor Kelley leads yoga, fitness and stroller classes for groups. For more info, email kelleyld@fitathletic.com. _Open to non-members._

If you haven't tried Define yet, you likely know someone who's sore from it. The pilates/ballet mashup is the talk of the town - ask for Hank. _The first class is free for new clients._

The Good Space's S&M classes will "whip" you into shape. This strength and movement session (what did you think we were referring to?) is an incredible all-over workout. _New clients: Buy any class, get the second free._

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