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January 24th, 2018

Will You Join The Coconut Cult?

There are no cons to probiotics. A spoonful a day that will keep poor health at bay.

If you had a Bitcoin for every friend and coworker doing Whole30, you'd be elbow deep in cryptocurrency. 

Jump on the bandwagon of a different kind, The Coconut Cult. The celeb-adored coconut yogurt is now available in Houston. It's chock-full of probiotics, making it filled to the brim with good-for-you qualities in three flavors - original, mango and coconut. The probiotics are so active it might explode when you unscrew the lid. (Really - you're supposed to open the jar over a bowl the first time.) Start with a couple of spoonfuls a day - at first you might not obsess over the tangy taste - and work your way up to bowls packed with digestive and heart friendly ingredients. Follow along on Instagram for recipes from fellow cult members like @leefromamerica who suggests a few scoops of the cream flavor mixed with flax seed, cacao nibs and grainless granola. 

It's health you can take to the bank. 

Available at DEFINE LIVING and Snap Kitchen on Kirby.

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