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February 8th, 2019

Romancing The Stones

Give your sweetie something that sparkles.


Tenenbaum Jewelers
4310 Westheimer Rd.

In elementary school you marked Cupid's day by exchanging ring pops and candy necklaces.

Consider swapping grown-up bling instead with a swing through Tenenbaum Jewelers. Their gifts for your Valentine or Galentine start at $49, including Wolf jewelry accessories (pictured) for the jetsetter who always wants to look sparkly. Or consider playful cufflinks for every personality type, including sterling silver cowboy boots, hearts with a devilish side (pictured), Bentleys, bulldogs, baseballs and even a pair of red chili peppers sure to spice things up. From vintage Art Deco jewelry and killer watches to brands you love like Tiffany & Co., there's a gift for all the guys and girls on your list.

End of conversation heart.

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