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May 19th, 2017

Lox and Loaded

Open sesame. Bagel Dots arrive in the grocery aisles.

You've finally conquered the habit of not hitting snooze repeatedly. But that doesn't mean you don't spend 30 extra minutes in bed scrolling through your social feeds. 

Fortunately you can have your tardy tendencies and breakfast, too, thanks to Houston-based Bagel Dots. Taking the center of a bagel and filling it with varieties of cream cheese, the delightfully simple concept is rapidly gaining traction. The small batch treats just got major recognition when they won H-E-B's state-wide Primo Picks contest. Now the bags are stocked in most of the stores' freezer sections. You can also get them fresh at spots like EQ Heights and Dandelion Cafe - select from flavors like Plain Jane, Jalapeno Popper, Cinnamon Raisin and the Kitchen Sink (an everything bagel bite filled with veggie goodness.)
The choice is schmear.

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