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August 27th, 2021

Does It Spark Joy? $100 Off!

With the new season of "Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo" hitting Netflix this week, we sat down with the KonMori-certified founders of local Simply Maven, which offers 1-on-1 organizing services and DIY online programs.

Looking to spark joy? Using the KonMori method, local Simply Maven helps busy families and professionals reclaim space, time and peace of mind.

Take $100 off your first organizing session (see below), and learn how the KonMori method gives you the confidence, support and accountability to edit, organize and transform your life for simplicity and ease. Meet the founders, Ashley (pictured below left) and Jane (right).

Tell us about your background before starting Simply Maven.
Both of our backgrounds have been in fitness and well-being for more than 11 years, and it’s actually how we met! More than ever we love to help people feel good, inside, outside and within their spaces.

How is health and wellness in line with home organization?
An organized home gives you a sense of peace and happiness in your space, which in turn gives you the freedom—in time, energy and even money—to focus on the health and wellness of you and your family.

Simply Maven is certified in the KonMari method made famous by Marie Kondo. Describe the process and why it works.
In a nutshell, the KonMari process is sorting through all your items and deciding which add considerable value to your life and which don’t. It works because it’s based on the idea that organization is a skill you can learn. Basically, if you give someone an organized home, they’ll be organized for awhile, but if you teach them to be organized, they have a skill they can use for life! That said, we’re happy to do either depending on what people need.

What's the first thing you do when you meet with a new client? 
We ask questions and WE LISTEN! It’s important to know what our clients’ expectations are and what their idea of “perfect” is in each category or room.

Favorite client room to get your hands on? 
Jane: Kitchen.
Ashley: Tie between master closets and kids' spaces.

Three things we're doing wrong when trying to declutter.
1. Organizing room by room rather than by category. 2. Keeping items because of guilt. 3. Trying to organize without editing.

Which room should a client start with? 
Closet! We consider it the oxygen-mask-first approach of organizing :)

Spill tips on how to decide to keep or get rid of something.
Do I use it? Does it make me happy? Is it worth the space/upkeep? Is it irreplaceable? Do I have more than one?

Always in your bag when you arrive at a job.
Label maker, blue tape, scissors and Sharpies!

Be honest. An area at home that becomes a problem in your own life?
Jane: My office—sometimes I don’t make the time to put things back as soon as I should.
Ashley: My home supplies closet—it’s the stash closet when the kids are getting into things and I don’t reset it as often as I’d like.

What things spark joy in your life?
Jane: Hopping into bed with fresh clean sheets, huevos a la Mexicana with my boyfriend every Sunday a.m. and my new grandson!
Ashley: Hot coffee in the morning while kids are still asleep, a super sweaty kick-my-booty yoga class and any time I get to spend with my husband and kids just playing and laughing. 

What's most organized: your purse, car or house?
Jane: My house.
Ashley: My purse because it’s all mine lol!

Get organized with Simply Maven. Tidbits readers get $100 off an organizing session. Use code TIDBITS when booking your session. Code valid only towards 1-on-1 KonMari Organizing Session. Enter code TIDBITS at checkout. 

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