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August 23rd, 2016

Last Chance! Fashion Exhibit Closes Sunday

A famous NY graffiti artist transforms fashion ads at Rice University.


"Crosstown Traffic" at Rice Gallery
Through August 28 at Rice University, Free

When you flip through a magazine, you tend to pick apart the model-slash-actress looking for flaws or falsities with the keen eye of a detective.  

Michel De Feo views fashion from a completely different lens. The NYC street artist is famous for the flowers he paints on buildings and dumpsters and for yanking fashion ads from bus stop shelters, taking them to his studio to cover with floral art, and returning them. It may be technically illegal, but brands are thrilled when their work is chosen by De Feo - Christian Louboutin and Neiman's have recently used his iconic flowers in their campaigns. See his blooms for yourself at his brand new installation at Rice. A local billboard company produced giant photos of magazine ads - you'll spot Kendall Jenner, Chlöe Moretz and Rihanna and others in ads for Balmain, Dior, Coach and La Perla, and De Feo covered them in gorgeous painted buds in a few short days while on campus.
This is RiRi good. 

Top photo: nashbaker.com

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