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January 17th, 2020

Meet BEYOGA's Moe Meyer

Looking for a new job or passion in 2020? 
BEYOGA hosts their next Yoga Teacher Training Friday, Jan 24. Learn what it takes to become part of the BEYOGA team and add an arsenal of yoga skills to your repertoire. To find out more about teaching at BEYOGA we sat down with Moe Meyer to find out why she loves teaching yoga and what's on her Om playlist. 
Favorite pose? 
Probably skandasana. I absolutely love the creative transitions that come with moving in and out of this pose. It’s my favorite to add in some zest to the pose through dynamic movement, arm variations and binds.  

When did you start practicing yoga?
I started yoga a little over two years ago. I was in a clouded mental space looking for clarity. So, day by day, in my home, I began to practice yoga with the help of some YouTube videos. Flash forward today: I am officially a registered yoga teacher! 

Go-to yoga products/essentials/clothing.
Do yourself a favor and get a Liforme yoga mat. Seriously. For those with clammy hands (like myself) this mat has an incredible no-slip grip to it. It also has alignment markers, so you can seamlessly move into different poses.

What makes BEYOGA different?
The teachers have a wealth of knowledge on the anatomy of the body and pose alignment. I learn something new each time I practice there. They intricately sequence their classes and use teaching cues that promote body awareness (which I believe is key in yoga practice).  

Three words to describe BEYOGA.
Electric, euphoric and serene. 

Common misconception about yoga 
“It's not a true workout – it's only for stretching.” Please. 

Fill in the blank. Yoga is best for... 
The synergy between our mind and body. It's all connected, people! 

On my yoga playlist...
You’ll find all sorts of genres sprinkled in—pop, hip hop, reggaeton, rock…you name it!

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