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March 30th, 2017

Local Collab With Edie Parker

Making spills stylish.


Hibiscus Linens
By appointment only
2412 Barlett St.

So many secrets were spilled at the last girls' brunch you hosted you had to mop the floors afterward.

Should you suffer a splash or two when trading confidences, the divine cocktail napkins from Hibiscus Linens will do the trick. Designed by local needleworker Mariana Barran, the handmade cocktail, dinner and dessert linens offer a special touch to any lacquered serving tray. We're fans of the perky pineapple patterns and polka dot patterns made with Alice + Olivia fabric, but are obsessing over the sets she made for the brand new Madison Avenue boutique of cult acrylic clutch brand Edie Parker. The Palm Beach-perfect fronds and flamingos, inset left, are featured in April's Architectural Digest

Hush hush, lush. 

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