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February 11th, 2019

Throw Salt Not Shade

Soak up the soothing vibes of clay and salt bath bombs from Houston-based Sōkd.


Manready Mercantile
321 W 19th St.

The idea of doing anything with the word "galentine" in it makes you want to want to stay off Instagram for the rest of the week til the cutesy coast is clear.

Spend this romantic week in the tub with the lovely clay and salt bath soaks at Manready Mercantile's new women's store (on the first floor beneath their men's store). Handmade in Houston, each Sōkd pouch is packed with super soothing combinations designed to help you relax completely. The four fragrances range from Bone and Blush to Moss and Grit. With elements and ingredients like Kaolin clay, black Hawaiian sea salt, oolong, green tea and lavender, the powder room essentials make for a perfect night in. 

Where you'll watch the cliches circle the drain. 

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