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February 12th, 2020

Wedding Dance Class Giveaway!

The icing on the tiered cake. We're giving one lucky couple professional dance lessons to prep for their first twirl.


Love Dance Houston Studio
2206 Edwards St. #B

You decided on the first song for your wedding long before you met your special someone.

Get the moves for the official twirl on the floor as newlyweds with our giveaway from Love Dance Houston Studio. Owned by a local couple, the warehouse loft in Sawyer Yards (where we hosted the Tidbits Twinkle Market) is giving one lucky engaged couple a free private dance lesson, plus a free Wedding Prep 101 class. Get dressed up and BYOB to get professional instruction for your wedding dance routine—ranging from traditional to country, salsa, pop and more—and make it a date night to remember.  

Unforgettable in every way. 

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