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November 22nd, 2016

This Is What A Boy Smells Like

Boy Smells candles arrive at Beehive boutique in Rice Village.


Available at Beehive
2519 University Blvd.

The downside of staying at your boyfriend's place: maneuvering the less-than-sparkly bathroom and finding the cause of that unidentifiable man aroma.

Make one of those struggles easier with candles from Boy Smells. The yummy smelling line was created by Texas-reared Matthew Herman, who's also a designer for Nasty Gal. Herman blends beeswax and coconut wax with studly scents, then pours them into glossy black tumblers for macho style and fragrance. The scents come in floral, fruity, herbal and woody, so there's an essence for every male or female nose. Brighten up the air with PRUNUS, a lusty blend of vanilla, fig and yuzu, or ignite something woodsier with ASH, a smoky mix of firewood, charcoal and palo santo. 

Like a moth to your flame.

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