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November 28th, 2007

A Kitchen Away From Home

New eatery Zoe's Kitchen offers fresh meals for dine-in or rush-out.


Zoe's Kitchen
3701 S. Shepherd Drive
4000 Washington, Suite 101

Even if your busy schedule doesn't allow time for much home cookin', there are still ways to satisfy your need for a square meal. New eatery Zoe's Kitchen offers heart-healthy sandwiches, creative salads and hot dishes will remind you of a time when getting a homemade meal was as simple as sitting down at the supper table.

Zoe's has taken American classics like pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches, and infused a wholesome spin, even going so far as to hire a nutritionist to make sure these meals do a body good. The restaurant's cool lime green and spicy orange decor inspires diners to picnic inside in comfy booths, outside under patio umbrellas or somewhere greener with a to-go cooler they'll pack for you.

There's nothing quite like (someone else's) home cooking.

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