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February 14th, 2018

Happy Birthday Krista!

Today's birthday girl is Krista Schuelke Cook, owner of 713 Pilates.

Happy birthday! We're bringing you a cupcake from Ooh La La to celebrate. What's a flavor to make you feel the love today?
Chocolate Italiano!

Best and worst thing about having a birthday on Valentine's Day?
My parents tell me when I was a child that I thought the whole world was celebrating my birthday, so that must have felt amazing! As a younger woman, my friends and I loved it because no matter what, we all had a reason to get together to celebrate regardless of our relationship status. Now the best part is that I like to believe most people are choosing to share their love a little bit more on the day I was born. The worst part: dinner reservations.

How are you celebrating?
We just brought Annie Muiri, an aesthetician and massage therapist, inside 713 Pilates so she is spoiling me today with a facial and massage. We’re Italian, so dinner will be a big family event with my mom’s famous lasagna, cutlets and far too much food to actually consume. 

Favorite Valentine's candy? 
Dark chocolate See's and dark chocolate from The Chocolate Bar.

Best flowers to receive?
I love orchids of all varieties.

What makes your studio 713 Pilates different?
I opened 713 Pilates in September 2012 as a true Pilates studio that allows for small group classes, on both the Reformer and Wunda Chair, as well as private sessions in an atmosphere where you can hear great music and work out with your friends. The women who instruct at 713 Pilates are phenomenal PMA-certified (Pilates Method Alliance) trainers who base our movements on the form of Pilates created by Joseph Pilates. Their personalities and their methods of training are all different, but these women are healers, kind beyond words, incredibly knowledgeable and beautiful spirits inside and out. 

Admit it…is it hard?
It is challenging, but Pilates is not supposed to be a Crossfit workout, which is more based on your larger muscle groups. Pilates focuses on your stabilizing and smaller muscle groups, which is why when practiced regularly with a certified Pilates Instructor, you get the long and lean look so many women desire. 

Favorite thing to eat after teaching a class.
We are spoiled at 713 Pilates because Siphon Coffee is next door. I’m there every single time I am at my studio. I don’t drink caffeine, so I love their mint tea and fruit teas. I usually get their arugula salad with chicken on top. Their hummus is amazing too!

Favorite workout apparel.
DYI, which we sell at the studio. It’s very important to me to support local women-owned businesses. It’s an added bonus that DYI is beautiful, well made and easy to move in.

Best place for a glam day.
Shyn Salon and Hair by St. Rose.

Best under the radar place to shop.
Gordy & Sons Outfitters. I love all things outdoors and although I don’t hunt or fish, they have the most beautiful and amazing finds. I bought rain boots there that I get compliments on each time I wear them.

Best spot to buy a present.
Space Montrose for unique gifts and Common Bond next door for macarons as a sweet addition.

For Girl’s Night Out you like to go to....

Daily uniform when you’re not at the studio.
A Mirth caftan. I’m a mom of two and need durable clothes I can run around in!

Tell us about the #savewill poster and HOPE signs at your studio.
Will Herndon is a 15-year-old who lives in The Woodlands and was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Disease when he was 6 years old. At that time, my best friend Missy, his mom, had never heard of Batten, nor had anybody else we knew. Now, the Herndon family has changed that and there is HOPE to eradicate Juvenile Batten Disease. Awareness was our biggest battle at first - that is why I have the symbol of HOPE on my wrist, and all over my studio. I want people to ask so that I can tell them about Will.

How many candles are you blowing out today?

When you're not on a machine.... 
I am a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. I love the Pack and although I am very happy to have JJ Watt here in Houston, I really wanted him to stay in WI and be a Packer. I wear Green Bay gear often…notice my DYI Shiny Emerald pants?

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