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May 25th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Laura Neiman!

Every month we toast a local female with a job we seriously envy. May's birthday girl is Laura Neiman, who works in the fashion trenches.

Laura Neiman is the Public Relations Coordinator at Neiman Marcus, Houston. She's behind the scenes of appearances with big deal designers, runway shows, cocktail parties and other trend-minded events at the store, and the force behind their new label-lusting Instagram handle.

Happy 30th birthday! We're bringing you a treat from Petite Sweets to celebrate. Favorite item?
The strawberry cupcakes! 

Your last name is Neiman. Any relation or just a coincidence? 
Sadly no. But I do joke that the mother ship called me home when I got my job here.

Best part of your job? 
The most rewarding project I have worked on is the Instagram account @PR_InsidetheIcon. I started this account so that the Houston store could reach new shoppers, and shoppers who may not receive event invitations but are active on social media. It has been so much fun getting to work on it every day.

People would be surprised to learn... 
There is a lot of manual labor when doing public events. I don’t get to just sit around and play dress up and drink champagne!  We are at the shows and event hours early setting up the runway and chairs, organizing the model outfits, putting together gift bags and organizing everything to make sure the event is flawless for our guests. But it is all worth it when you see the outfits come together and you have customers buying the items off the models!

Favorite designers?
Carolina Herrera is probably my number one. Her clothes and style are exquisite. Locally in Houston, I love Inclán Studio. Paola and her team create some amazing, edgy pieces. I have a pair of their Tulip pants that I can’t get enough of.

Best piece you've ever bought with your dreamy NM discount?
My Valentino pink velvet slippers. They are perfect for running around the store and for traveling! I have to be careful not to spend my whole paycheck here.

You are a fashion devotee. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Did my boyfriend put you up to this question? I have over 100 pairs. I have a shoe addiction, it can be a problem. I am really into sneakers these days and just got the Rihanna Puma Fenty Bow Sneaker in Pink Tint and I am obsessed with them.

Where do you unwind after a major event?
The Hotel ZaZa Spa! I love their treatments and you get to enjoy the pool when you get a treatment. 

Where do you always take your visitors?
We start with breakfast at a staple in Houston, the NY Coffee and Bagel Shop on Hillcroft because it has good, ole-fashioned breakfast and a bakery shop that never disappoints! I always grab a dozen chocolate bagels for the house on my way out. Then it is off to either Hotel Zaza for the spa and pool or the Museum of Natural Science. Then drinks on a patio such as The Tasting Room and probably dinner at El Tiempo because those margaritas are way too good!

What helps you relax?
Working out at BLU Fitness with my trainer of two years. I find that working out really helps me relax and lose stress that has built up. I started working out after I broke my leg in a skiing accident and have become addicted to it ever since. 

Best spot for cocktails?
The best happy hour in my opinion is Caracol. They have amazing drinks for $7 and bar bites for $7! You can’t beat it.

Where can we find you when you're not working? 
Traveling. I love getting to meet new people and learn about new cultures. I can’t stop exploring. I’m off to London, Santorini and Amsterdam this June.

How did you celebrate the big 3-0?
I did it big this year. My boyfriend and I went to Miami for the weekend. We fell in love with the SLS Hotel and had a great time at Hyde Beach club. After that, we had a spa and pool day at The Standard Miami with close friends. 

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