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June 11th, 2019

4 Classes. 4 Studios. $29.

Lagree HTX is turning one, and you can experience the killer workout as part of The Tidbits Crunch.

You're the kind of girl with more grip socks than sunglasses.

Show off your best pike and pretty up your escalator lunge with our summer fitness challenge, The Tidbits Crunch. Experience 4 make-it-burn classes at 4 hip studios—The Bar Method Montrose, Ryde, BEYOGA and Lagree HTX, pictured.

Lagree HTX, the husband-and-wife-owned studio in Upper Kirby, is known for high intensity, low impact 45-minute workouts that Meghan Markle, Sofía Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and Alex Rodriguez swear by. The core-shaking workout on a Megaformer focuses on extremely slow movements. You're invited to their 1st birthday party—see below!

Sure to put a springs in your step.

The Tidbits Crunch // Use by Aug 31, 2019
4 classes for $29 (value of $112)

RYDE // River Oaks or Downtown
The Bar Method // Montrose
BEYOGA // Heights
Lagree HTX // Upper Kirby (pictured)

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