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September 28th, 2014

Got Malk?

Plant-based milk that's making a splash.

You cough down your green juice every morning longing for the days when a bowl of Lucky Charms was an appropriate breakfast. 

Change your eating habits with Texas-based milk, Malk. With ingredients from plants that you can actually pronounce - almond, maple and vanilla - the new creation does a body good. When co-founder August Vega found out her son had the same dairy allergy she did, she went on the hunt for good dairy-free options... and came up lacking. The result is a product made with five or less organic ingredients and has no binders, fillers, fortified vitamins or minerals. Pick it up in unsweetened, maple pecan, chocolate or sweet vanilla.

It's magically delicious. 

Available for purchase locally at Thom's Market.

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