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February 6th, 2017

Local Interior Designer's Line of Rugs

Young, celebrated interior designer Marie Flanigan (whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest) debuts a new collection of rugs.


Madison Lily
1727 Post Oak Blvd

No one knows you've never hired a decorator. You've swiped so many ideas from Pinterest and blogs that your living room seems poised for a Lonny photo shoot.

Take your shelter mag stalking to the next level by bringing an interior designer into your home, literally, by way of Marie Flanigan's new rugs for Madison Lily. The well-respected local designer's second collection of rugs for the Houston-based luxury rug store is a study in minimalism. Handcrafted by artisans in India and Nepal and completely customizable, the new line is made with natural fiber, silk, linen and Tibetan wool - the graphic and brushstroke-inspired designs are as soothing as they are stunning.

It's therapy for your apartment.

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