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June 19th, 2012

The Eyes Have It

The only blouses you wear to work are bespoke. You waited six months for a Mini Cooper with stripes in your signature shade. And your latte guy knows you won’t drink it unless it’s made in your monogrammed mug, with a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Stick with made to measure and geek out with a geometry lesson at the Beaute Playground housed inside Michael Kemper Salon—today’s Treat is a 1.5 hour pampering treatment with custom brow shaping and measuring and a full makeup lesson for $39. The famed Texas beauty concept touted by O and Us uses the renowned Brow Precision Plane (pictured below) to measure brows in relation to the lines of your face, and shapes them without tweezing, plucking or threading. Ride the private glass elevator to the second-level salon overlooking Highland Village—you’ll leave with a party-ready face and a “lesson plan” (a custom Application Workbook that allows you to duplicate your expert look and eyes.)

Consider this plantation shutters for the windows to your soul.

Book a $39 1.5 hour brow shaping lesson and makeup application at Christi Harris Beaute Playground inside Michael Kemper Salon.

Christi Harris Beaute Playground

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