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December 12th, 2019

Kilim With Kindness

Introducing new local rug brand Domada, named for the Spanish word for “domesticated."

Throughout all your apartment-renting years you were dying for hardwood floors. Now that you've got 'em, all you want is the perfect rug to lay over them.

Meet Domada, the insanely brilliant local concept from Katherine Stevens, who hand-cuts antique rugs into cowhide shapes. After quietly launching her biz during Round Top's antiques weeks, she garnered buzz in an Architectural Digest round-up for her modern-day, Southern-sensability take on rugs she finds throughout Morocco, India and Europe. Have an heirloom? She'll cut it for you. And if traditional Turkish isn't your thing, check out her selection of monochromatic and contemporary "hides" instead. With excess rug cuttings, she makes throw pillows that are just as eye-catching.

Carpet diem.

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