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August 30th, 2018

$3,000 CoolSculpting Giveaway!

Introducing our $3,000 giveaway from Houston's body sculpting experts.


DaVinci Body Sculpting
12525 Memorial Dr.
Ste. 375

They say that the body is a work of art.

Here to help you inch closer to your personal ideal appearance is local DaVinci Body Sculpting. (See our $3,000 giveaway below). John Bergeron, MD, and his wife Lori Lemon Bergeron, pictured, have founded a spa-like studio where CoolSculpting is the signature service. The in-office, non-surgical treatment literally reduces fat by freezing it. Chat with them about the areas you want to target (abs, chin, arms, hips, thighs, bra fat)—Lori will even tell you about her own CoolSculpting results. The simple procedure, which takes place in a swanky room with a mini bar and flat screens, helps the body break down stubborn unwanted fat cells—the kind you can't lose through diet and exercise. See the before and after pics.

Enter to win a 4-cycle CoolSculpting body treatment, a $3,000 value! Email hello@davincibody.com and mention "Tidbits Contest" and follow @davincibodysculpting on Instagram. One lucky winner will be announced Oct. 5.  

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