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November 14th, 2008

Confessions of a Party Girl

Here's our Holiday Party Survival Kit. Cheers!

Dear Social Diary,

With the holidays nearing, I've penciled a LOT into my schedule. I'm going to start preparations early - there are outfits to choose, but more importantly, some necessities to stock up on. Here's what I'm gathering in my clutch in order to avoid a festive faux paux. The Tidbits gals told me all about it, so I'm armed and ready with my Holiday Party Survival Kit.


Party Girl

Clearly, you can't abstain from red wine altogether, but it's downright embarrassing what it does to your pearly whites. Carry a teeny tiny tube and rub it on your teeth after indulging. Kuhl-Linscomb and Sephora target="_blank">Flashlites)

This is Houston, so when it drops to 60 degrees outside, people pump up the heat and stoke the fire. It's hot in here, so avoid perspiration - it's the pits - with Garment Guards. Apply these adhesive, breathable cotton pads to the inside of your shirt, and you'll never sweat through silk again. (drugstore.com target="_blank">Nordstrom)

Nothing ruins cocktail hour like flat hair. You spent hours on that look-like-you-didn't-try 'do, so maintain it as the night grows longer with a handy Blue Mambo Hair Salon target="_blank">Hairspray Pen)

There are two things everyone should notice when you stride into a room... and that's your dress and shoes. Say no to nippin' out with Intimacy target="_blank">Low Beams)

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